Speaking to most automotive dealerships agencies enlightens you as to the challenges they face in automotive marketing. It is quite challenging for example to use advertising in order to earn and maintain a repeat client yet your business depends widely in many forms of advertising to stay in business. If you want to reap the benefits of your efforts you will need to employ the use of diverse marketing strategies in the automotive marketing agency to reach a wide variety of people.

Baby boomers refer to the wide population of people who are mostly born between the year 1946-1964. Contrary to most persons beliefs baby boomers are registered and licenced to drive while they also are technological champs. According to AARP, they contribute to half of all consumer spending.

Below are the baby boomers marketing strategies

Make use social media

Automotive marketing agencies know the importance of targeting social media, they offer effective advertising options that are profitable. Note that in the world today most the business market is found online with 2.1 billion monthly active users on Facebook one can make use of the available potential market for your auto dealership markets. There are other social media platforms that enjoy active users which include you tube, twitter snap chat among others. Do not be fooled therefore that social media appeals only to a younger generation because it is said that 1/3 of the online user’s population is that of baby boomers. Make sure you use strategies that can reach the boomers by utilizing engagement scoring.

Emphasize on quality luxury and safety

There are different generations in the world today who look for different features in a car. The younger generation is for example interested in personalization, technology and efficiency while boomers are attracted to quality, luxury and safety. According to a study by true car; boomers are able to get the features they desire in a car now and they are buying new vehicles and pre-owned cars. Automotive marketing agencies should use this information to make campaigns that can easily target that audience as they are the group that enjoy financial freedom.

Mobile phone digital age

Mobile phone usage is constantly increasing globally. About 51% of the US population use mobile media. It is therefore practical to develop a mobile advertising strategy for automotive marketing. Statistics show that 89% of boomers own a smartphone and they also spend about 4.4 hours per week on phone. In order to succeed in this line, it is advisable to make the mobile media advertising easy to use by offering how to videos and just a click to the required page.

Go to the boomers

Currently, 10% is the only amount of marketing dollars being invested in boomers which mean that they are underutilized. Note that they control the economy with their 70% disposable income. Automotive marketing agencies can familiarise with their online and buying habits then tailor make campaigns and advertisements to reach them. Remember to display this information on magazines and newspaper website as this is the places where boomers are found.

In conclusion, boomers are a great purchasing lot for the automotive market. Consider tailoring your marketing strategies to reach them more widely as this will assure success.